Automated Crypto Trading

Professional and automated cryptocurrency trading platform.

Over 3000 traders are already using Cryptoblizz!


Responsive dashboard with an overview of all traders and the actual traders performance.


Use configurable click & play strategies, or build your own strategy (more below).

Cryptoblizz dashboard
Connected exchanges

4 exchanges

Trade on 4 major exchanges. Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex and Kraken currently supported.

800+ pairs

Trade over 800 pairs. Trade all cryptocurrencies supported by mentioned exchanges.

Strategy configurator

Configure and optimize the Cryptoblizz trading strategies to fit your needs.

Build your own strategy

Or build your own strategy using triggers & conditions (see below)!

Basic strategy configuration

Triggers & conditions

Execute actions on the fly when a trigger meets a custom set of conditions. Combine multiple conditions (indicators) and actions in triggers.


Over 20 actions possible such as buy, sell, stop-loss, take-profit, recreate orders, pause trader, send notification, and much more.


Backtest any strategy on historical market data. Highly accurate backtesting with 1-minute interval data.

Simulation (paper trading)

Put your trader into simulation mode to start fictional trading on live market data.

Backtest strategies
Receive Telegram notifications on your phone of order actions and trigger execution

Phone notifications

Receive notifications on your phone of trades, triggers and more.

E-mail notifications

Receive notifications in your mailbox of trades, triggers and more.

Developers ❤ Cryptoblizz

If you choose the self-hosted solution as a developer you can go even further in customizing the strategies by writing script conditions and script algorithms on top of the Cryptoblizz framework API.


Check out our documentation.

Code your custom algorithms or conditions

Ready for automated, professional trading with
our next-generation trading platform?

Cryptoblizz - Cloud access

$195per year
  • Hosted in our secure cloud
  • Create unlimited trading bots
  • Free support & documentation

Cryptoblizz - Self hosted

$145per year
  • Self-hosted, installation by you
  • Create unlimited trading bots
  • Free support & documentation

Supported exchanges

Trade over 800 cryptocurrency pairs on 4 major exchanges! 

Binance trading bot
Poloniex crypto trading bot
Kraken crypto trading bot
Bittrex cryptocurrency trading robot

How does it work?


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CryptoBlizz does a great deal to ensure that their users are able to generate a revenue. Really, Cryptoblizz seems like a pretty reliable trading platform. If you’re willing to initially put in the time and effort, Cryptoblizz could be a good choice for you.

Anton (, read the full review

Just like to thank you guys. The support is great and your software too! It’s easy to setup the trade bots and triggers. In 1 day I was already making a profit. Positive so far!


Cryptoblizz is an awesome tool with lots of features. We coded a few algorithms and I love the flexibility in this. Everything works as advocated and the interface is extremely slick designed and easy to use. I’m a fan!


Great bot!! Great support!!


The ability to make a little extra income an investment platform that is reliable is like winning a goldmine, and this just might be the one. So why not take advantage of the back-test feature and simulate all your strategies on the platform and start trading., read the full review

Very helpfull support department and easy to use tool. Many thanks for the recently added Telegram notifications feature <3

Deniz Sari

Flawless installation and slick trading platform. I have already e-mailed some suggestions for new features, would be great if those were added. For what you pay this tool is really great and worth my money.


Thank you for the nice bot it works and kind thanks for the support.


This is awesome! The bot made back my investment within 3 days. Good job!


Very impressed with Cryptoblizz so far. I was able to install on a fresh VPS, activate my license, do the configuration and start live trading within half an hour.


Awesome! Great! Amazing!  That about sums it up 🙂 Easy to use and set-up!


CryptoBlizz delivers a promising and accountable trading solution for the cryptocurrency domain. Providing prospective investors will the innate ability to construct and manipulate their own automated trading bots to their desired preferences, CryptoBlizz empowers investors of all experience levels with an innovative trading solution., read the full review

This tool really surprised me! It runs really smooth looks really promising. Currently running simulation and backtests and it works very nice. Have done a few live trades on Poloniex, will try with more currency soon.

James Andersson

I love the telegram notifications, really exciting to track all the trades of my bots in realtime. I also love the broad possibilities of using triggers


I had a minor issue during installation but it was fixed within 2 hours with a patch. Awesome support. Running live trading right now and first trades have been made exactly as it was supposed to. Good tool!


Best trading bot I have come across so far! I made real profits with this, one day I made 60 trades on Poloniex exchange which generated a net 11% profit that day alone. Have to adjust the offset and reference point settings every now and then for it to be really effective, but I absolutely would recommend this trading bot!

Mark Lawrence