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The installation of Cryptoblizz is a fairly easy but please follow the steps carefully to ensure a succesful installation! Need help with your installation? We offer free support! Contact us for assistance.

Step 1 – Download Cryptoblizz and upload to Cloudways

Download Cryptoblizz

The first step is to buy and download Cryptoblizz. After you have purchased Cryptoblizz you will get access to the downloads and you will receive an installation license key. Download the .zip package to your PC and continue with the instructions below.

At the moment you will need to download the PHP 7.1+ package for Cloudways installation. You can check your Cloudways PHP version by going to the server, then ‘Settings & packages’ and then ‘Packages’. Check the value after ‘PHP’.

Register at Cloudways and create a server

  1. Register for a new account on cloudways.com
  2. Once you have registered, login on their platform
  3. Create a new server, you can choose the cheapeast DigitalOcean plan
  4. Please install the PHP stack application
  5. Extract the contents of the earlier downloaded Cryptoblizz package and upload the installation files to your hosting. This can easily be done via FTP using FileZilla client. If you are having troubles with this steps, please read this step-by-step tutorial on connecting to your server with FileZilla.
  6. Using a webbrowser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, go to your Cloudways application. You can find the URL for this application within the Cloudways platform where you created the app.
  7. You will now see the Cryptoblizz installation screen. Continue to the next step in this article.

Step 2 – Installation wizard Cryptoblizz

You have now downloaded the ZIP file containing the Cryptoblizz project and uploaded this to your webserver or XAMPP folder on your PC. This means you are ready to run the installation.

  1. Browse to your webserver / application URL. For example: mydomain.com/cryptoblizz or my.server.ip or localhost if you run Cryptoblizz on a PC.
  2. The installation screen of Cryptoblizz will now show up, the installation is really simple and fast. Just follow the steps on your screen.
  3. You will somewhere in the process be asked to enter the database details. Cloudways already generated a database for you which you can use.
    Find your database details
    1: Login on the Cloudways platform
    2: Open your application details
    3: The database details will be shown on this page under the “MYSQL ACCESS” title.
  4. Once you have completed all the installation steps you will see a screen saying the installation has completed. On this same screen you will see a system status report:
  5. It is best if everything is green. However, the server memory limit and max execution time can also be red. That won’t impact the functioning of Cryptoblizz. Only if you have issues, increase these values so they become green. You can hover the dashed texts for instructions and information.

Step 3 – Setup cronjobs

Finally, you have to setup a few cronjobs. A cronjob is a scheduled task that runs on an interval (for example every minute). This is required to automatically collect cryptocurrency ticker data, run your trading algorithms and update exchange information such as tradepairs for exchanges. We have written a seperate article about adding the cronjobs. Please click the button below to read the article.
Setup cronjobs

Step 4 – Secure your installation

We recommend to secure your installation of Cryptoblizz with a password protected login. After installing Cryptoblizz you will also get a notification of this. Also we recommend to check your file permissions on the server and make sure nothing is publicly writable.

Since this step is not mandatory in your installation proces, we have covered securing your installation in another article. We recommend reading the article for a few tips on securing your Cryptoblizz environment.

Secure your installation

That’s it.. Ready to start trading?

Get started with Cryptoblizz

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