With Cryptoblizz you can receive instant notifications on your phone of events like: order filled, order cancelled, API integration errors, order placed, trigger executed, and more. Depending on how you configured Cryptoblizz, these notifications can be send to your phone and/or to your mailbox. In this article we will explain how to connect your phone with Cryptoblizz through the Telegram chat app.

Telegram is a great instant messaging app, available for mobile, tablet or desktop devices. You can download the app from the iOS appstore or Google Playstore. To have Cryptoblizz send Telegram message, you just need to execute 2 simple steps to obtain your API token and to obtain a chat ID.

Step 1: obtain your Telegram API token

  1. D0wnload and install the app on your mobile phone.
  2. Create a new chat and talk to BotFather (@BotFather) which is a Telegram chat bot which will help you obtain an API token. More details here.
  3. When openend a chat with BotFather press ‘Start’ to chart the chat.
  4. Now type the command /newbot.
  5. Follow the instructions on your screen (give the chatbot a name, username, etc). Please write down the username you have chosen.
  6. After the second question you will get a HTTP API access token, something like this: 12312312:AAH343-H3483nsJismsnnsbs_838Sdd.
  7. Copy this API token and enter it in the Cryptoblizz settings page, under Telegram HTTP API token.
  8. You can now save the settings in Cryptoblizz.

Step 2: obtain your Telegram chat ID

  1. Open the Telegram app on your phone.
  2. Create a new chat to id_chatbot (@id_chatbot).
  3. Press start or type something to the chatbot.
  4. The chat will return a number, something like this: 342828338.
  5. Enter this value in the Cryptoblizz settings page under Telegram chat ID.

Finally, open the chat with your bot

  1. While creating the bot in your chat with BotFather you have also chosen a username.
  2. Now start a new chat and search for @chosen_usernamebot.
  3. Open the chat and click ‘Start’.

That’s it, you are ready to receive message from Cryptoblizz. You can test if it works from the settings pages.

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