For live trading and real-time balance information of your exchange accounts, you need to connect Cryptoblizz to your exchange account. For simulation and backtesting you do not need to do this.

  1. Login on the exchange that you want to connect with Cryptoblizz.
  2. Somewhere in your account or settings section you will find an option to generate an API key and secret.
  3. Generate a new API key. Make sure the key does not have withdrawal permissions (only trading and balance permissions is needed)
  4. Write down the key and secret because you need those details in Cryptoblizz.
  5. Now, in Cryptoblizz navigate to the menu item ‘Exchanges’ and click ‘Add an exchange’.
  6. Add your API key and secret in the popup. Entering those details is only required if you want to view your exchanges balances or if you want to start live trading. This is not required for simulation and backtesting.
  7. We recommend storing your API secret in the config.php file which you can find in your Cryptoblizz installation directory. The file will contain a placeholder for every supported exchange, where you can add your API secret. That way you don’t have to store your API secret in a database, which is generally less secure. Please note that you still have to add your API key in the Cryptoblizz dialog as shown above.

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