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How to install and run Cryptoblizz

Cryptoblizz is a webbased application. This means Cryptoblizz runs on a webserver and can be accessed via your webbrowser. You can consider Cryptoblizz to be the same as a website when it comes to installation and running it.

To install Cryptoblizz, you need to register at a hosting provider which can host the Cryptoblizz webapplication for you. We recommend VPS hosting as it ensures performance and stability of your system.

What hosting provider to choose?

Great hosting providers that offer affordable VPS hosting are for example: Cloudways (managed hosting) or DigitalOcean (unmanaged hosting). Unmanaged hosting requires more technical knowledge, so if you are not familiar with webhosting, we recommend using Cloudways.

Running Cryptoblizz on your PC..

You can also install Cryptoblizz on your PC, it’s a little harder but it can certainly be done. We have written a tutorial for installation on your PC which you can find below.

Installation guides:

We have written several installation guides to help you install Cryptoblizz at a hosting provider, Cloudways, DigitalOcean or on your PC. Check the links below for detailed step-by-step guides.

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