Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Which exchanges are supported?


  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex
  • Kraken
  • More coming soon..!

Which cryptocurrencies can I trade?


You can trade any cryptocurrency pair that the exchange supports. For example, if Binance offers 80 trading pairs such as XRP/BTC, ETH/BTC, BTC/USDT, XVG/BTC, etc., all these pairs will be available in Cryptoblizz as well. Cryptoblizz automatically fetches all active tradepairs from the exchanges you connect to.

What payment methods do you accept?


We currently accept the following payment methods to purchase your Cryptoblizz license:

  • PayPal
  • Creditcard (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover)
  • Bitcoin Payment *

When paying with BTC we will calculate the USD price for our product to a BTC amount at the current BTC/USDT rate. You pay exactly the same price, only calculated to BTC.

Which (fiat) currencies are supported?


At the moment the following fiat currencies are supported: EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD. However, we will add any valuta on request base. If you are missing a valuta, just let us know and within a few days we have added the valuta.

What are valutas used for in Cryptoblizz? We calculate trader balances, exchange balances and trader profits in the valuta you have chosen. So except showing how much profit you made in for example BTC or ETH, we also express your profits in the choosen interface curreny. You can switch to another valuta on the right top of Cryptoblizz.

Do you have trading strategies explanation & examples?


We have written an article that explains the Cryptoblizz trading strategies with examples.

Go to article

Does this software really work?


Yes, this software does really work, as in it will execute trades based on configurable trading strategies. Also, all of the different features and trading algorithms function as described. With our trading platform you have all the tools in hand to start trading like a pro and potentially gain much more profit than you usually would, because you can trade at much higher interval, namely 24/7.

However, this doesn’t mean you will always generate profits, no matter what. We would never claim that this bot guarantees to make you rich. In the world of cryptocurrencies many things could happen. An exchange could get hacked, a security leak in a coin can be discovered and governments can have a huge impact on the prices. In such situations it is not always possible to be profitable, no bot or manual trading strategy can be profitable if the whole market collapses.

Our backtesting has proven that our bots work best on markets that either bounce up and down around a certain value, or markets that generally incline in value (like many coins did last year in 2017). In such cases you can beat buy and hold strategy with pretty impressive results.

On markets that are steady around a certain price point, you will still see the market bounce up and down all the time because of the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Altough such markets might not incline or decline much in value over time, you could still make nice profits by scalping these markets. That’s what our bot does, and there are tons of real life examples where this has proven to be very profitable.

How does Cryptoblizz compare to competitors?


First of all we truly believe that there is no competitor offering a trading tool like Cryptoblizz when it comes to design and intuitivity. The most tools require technical knowledge or lots of documentation. We have made it our mission to bring advanced trading algorithms back to just a bunch of well explained settings that literally anyone can use.

With our highly configurable bots and our unique triggers mechanism, you can create many trading strategies, from very simple buy low, sell higher stategies to more advanced strategies that automatically adapt on market movements.

When it comes to functionality, there are a few competitors that also offer good trading tools. However, they are often way more expensive than Cryptoblizz. Cryptoblizz is a one-time payment for lifetime usage. Most competitors offer expensive monthly pricing models. We believe Cryptoblizz is therefore by far the most affordable automated trading tool for what you will get.

What hosting provider do you recommend to host Cryptoblizz?


We recommend Cloudways (managed hosting) for powerfull servers at afforable pricing. Installing Cryptoblizz on Cloudways hosting is really easy, requires zero technical knowledge, and works out of the box.

If you know your way around servers and unmanaged hosting than we could also recommend DigitalOcean. It’s cheaper than Cloudways because it is unmanaged. Because DigitalOcean offers only unmanaged hosting, spinning up a server to run Cryptoblizz requires a little bit more technical knowledge.

Cloudways pricing starts at $ 10 per month for a 1GB VPS. DigitalOcean pricing starts at $5 per month for a 1GB VPS. The smallest plan on both of these hosting providers will give you enough horse power to run quite some Cryptoblizz bots.

Can I run Cryptoblizz on my Windows / MAC computer?


Although we do recommend hosting Cryptoblizz at a hosting provider, it is certainly possible to run Cryptoblizz from your Windows or MAC computer. This is explained in our installation guide.

Where can I find installation instructions?


Please check out our documentation page for installation instructions.

Where can I find my license key?


After purchasing Cryptoblizz you will receive the license key in your mailbox. Also, you can login on our website after purchase and find the license key on your order details.

Where can I find a user guide of Cryptoblizz?


We have written a user guide to help you get started with Cryptoblizz. Cryptoblizz is very intuitive, and in our software we have added numerous of informative texts to help you out on settings or functionalities. In our user guide we explain the main features of Cryptoblizz to get you quickstarted on cryptocurrency trading with Cryptoblizz.

Is Cryptoblizz secure?


Cryptoblizz is created by veteran programmers with years and years of experience. That being said, when it comes to code, Cryptoblizz is absolutely secure.

When it comes to security risks, there is not much risk in running Cryptoblizz security wise. Because you run it on your own PC or on a single server at a hosting provider, you are not likely to be a target for thiefs / hackers. And you can easily protect the installation with a password so that only you can access the installation.

If you are running Cryptoblizz on your PC you do have to make sure your PC is secure and has no virusses. When running Cryptoblizz hosted at a hosting provider you will have to make sure the hosting provider is trusthworthy and provides good security on their servers.

We have written up a couple security recommendations to keep in mind when installing and using Cryptoblizz. We recommend reading the article once you get serious with Cryptoblizz trading!

What level of support do you provide?


Our number one priority is to keep our customers happy. You can often talk with us over live chat, and if we are not available, you can contact us via our support page. We treat every e-mail with high priority and you will receive, most of the times, an answer within a couple of hours.

What is your refund policy?


We will refund if any of the following cases occur:

  • Our product does not meet our description or screenshots.
  • You cannot get the product installed and neither can we for you.
  • If we promised to fix a bug, but we haven’t within a month after you have acknowledged us about the bug.

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