Are you hosting Cryptoblizz at a hosting provider?

Altough mosts hosts will support ionCube loader by default, it could be that you need to manually enable this. You can either ask your hosting provider to do this for you, or if you have enough access you can do this yourself. To do it yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ionCube loader wizard
  2. This will download a zip file, with one PHP file in it. Extract the PHP file from the .zip archive.
  3. Upload the loader-wizard.php file to your hosting server (to the same location as where you uploaded Cryptoblizz)
  4. Now browse to
  5. Follow the instructions on your screen to install the ionCube loader.

Are you running Cryptoblizz on your PC?

If you want to install Cryptoblizz on your PC using XAMPP, than you can follow either this external guide or these steps:

  1. Download the ionCube loader wizard
  2. This will download a zip file, with one PHP file in it. Extract the PHP file from the .zip archive.
  3. Copy the loader-wizard.php file to your installation folder on your PC. For example, when using XAMPP this is: “C:\XAMPP\htdocs”
  4. Now browse to http://localhost/loader-wizard.php
  5. Follow the instructions on your screen to install the ionCube loader.

This happens when Cryptoblizz is installed on a subfolder, or if we couldn’t determine the URL you use to access Cryptoblizz automatically. This can easily be solved:

  1. Browse to
  2. This will open a Cryptoblizz report explaining what you need to change.

We have written a detailed article about configuring the cronjobs. Please read the article for instructions.

Your cronjobs (scheduled tasks) are not setup, or not setup correctly. Please read this article for defailed instructions on configuring the cronjobs.

Your license key is e-mailed to you after your purchase is completed. Please check your spam folder. It will also be shown in your ‘my account’ section on our website. Lost your license key and need to recover it? Contact us and we are happy to look it up for you!

If you are running Cryptoblizz on a server at a hosting provider than you can most likely create the database through their control panel, or you might already have received database details from your hosting provider. You can always contact us, or your hosting provider for instructions on creating the database.On Cloudways hosting, when you install a PHP stack application, they will automatically create a database for you and you can use those database details for this step.

If you are running Cryptoblizz on your PC with XAMPP, than you can easily create a database by following these steps:
1: Browse to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
2: Click the databases tab / menu item
3: Create a new database, name it for example: cryptoblizz
4: In the Cryptoblizz installation, add the name of your just created database. As user type ‘root’ and leave the password field empty.

If your server memory limit or max execution time is giving a red error message, than you could just continue and ignore the warning. Cryptoblizz will run just fine, however if you encounter any issues we recommend increasing these values.

If you see other errors, or if you want to increase your memory limit or max execution time, please read this article.

This is only relevant if you are running Cryptoblizz on a PC using XAMPP.

Many users in the past months have reported occasional problems with Windows and XAMPP setup or OS X and XAMPP setup. It was soon discovered theses issues where caused by running a thread-safe PHP distribution and a third-party extension that Cryptoblizz uses would sometimes crash because of this.

After lots of research, and like 50 mails back and forward with the third-party vendor we have finally worked towards a solution. Altough the problem would only occur occasionally and many users didn’t even have these problems, it is annoying for those who had the issue.

To solve these issues, please follow the solutions below:

Solution 1

  • Download the ionCube loader wizard from the ionCube site.
  • Extract the contents of the archive file and put the file ‘loader-wizard.php’ within the archive in your Cryptoblizz installation directory
  • Now go to your Cryptoblizz url, for example http://localhost but append /loader-wizard.php to the url. So the URL becomes http://localhost/loader-wizard.php
  • It will load for a few seconds and then tell you that you need to update the loader DLLs. Now download the suggested loaders (the page will show a download link).
  • Open your XAMPP control panel and stop Apache
  • Place the loaders in your XAMPP installation folder and then in the subfolder /php/ext. For example C:/XAMPP/php/ext. Overwrite existing loaders.
  • Open the XAMPP control panel and start Apache

That’s it. You have now upgraded your loaders and everything should work without problems.

Solution 2

Execute this solution ONLY if you are still experiencing troubles after running solution 1. If you are still having troubles after you applied solution 1 then you need to update your XAMPP to run PHP 7.2. We recommend you to uninstall your current XAMPP installation and download the PHP 7.2 XAMPP from the XAMPP website.

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