Scalper uptrend / downtrend

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The scalper uptrend/downtrend algorithm is an algorithm that ‘scalps’ the market by buying in on lows and selling on highs. You can completely configure and optimize the algorithm using settings and triggers.

This algorithm only sells and buys when the market price is x% above or below the previously completed order. So for every completed order, the trader will setup a counter order. Initial orders are created based on your settings in the trader.

Works best in: 
Markets that generally move up or down over a period of time.

Automatically buy or sell cryptocurrency using profit only strategy. Buys when X% below previous sell order and sells when X% above previous buy order. Will setup a counter order for every completed order, relative to the completed order using the trader’s offset settings.

Please note that it is very hard to make profits on a market that has a downtrend. You might end up with gaining more value expressed in your pair base, but compared to fiat or Bitcoin you will most likely not make profits due to the crashing value of your balance.

Here are a few examples of this algorithm, generated with our backtesting tool. Please note that we had configured triggers, so results on your own backtesting could differ, depending on your configuration and triggers.

Backtest your trading strategy on real market data

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