At the end of your installation proces you will see a system status report indicating whether your system is configured correctly for running Cryptoblizz. You can also access this report at any time from within Cryptoblizz by navigating to the ‘System status & log’ menu. The report will look something like this:

You can hover all the texts with the dashed underline to get more information, but we will also shortly cover each subject below.

Server memory limit:

When you are on a shared host you often don’t get enough resources to run Cryptoblizz. Most VPS server will give you more than enough resources, however, sometimes you still have to ‘enable’ these resources yourself. The memory limit defines how much memory a single script of Cryptoblizz may consume. Some processes like backtesting or running lots of triggers on a bot can use up quite some memory. Our recommended value is at least 256 mb.

How to increase memory limit? Most host provides a setting for this in their portal. If you are managing your own server you should change this setting in the php.ini file. Often, you can also change this setting really easily by adding this to your .htaccess file:

php_value memory_limit 256M

Max execution time:

The max execution time defines how long a script can run before being terminated by the webserver. Altough Cryptoblizz is pretty fast and most processes won’t run long, we still recommend setting this value to at least 180 seconds (3 minutes). This is especially required for running backtests. The first step in the backtesting is a single proces that retreives historical ticker data. That process can take up quite some time, especially when running backtest over longer periods.

How to increase execution time?  Just like the memory_limit setting, this is also a PHP setting which can be changed easily on most hosting portals. Often, you can also change this setting by adding this to your .htaccess file:

php_value max_execution_time 180

PHP mods & features:

99 out of 100 hosts enable all this features by default. However, if you see a red-marked mod or feature in this list then you will have to contact your host to have the mod enabled.

PHP version:

We highly recommend running PHP 7 or higher. Cryptoblizz will also work on PHP 5.6 and higher. Every hosting provider will support at least PHP 5.6, but a few ancient hosts are really behind on their default settings. If this is marked red in your report, please contact your hosting provider to have this fixed.

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