How does Cryptoblizz compare to competitors?

How does Cryptoblizz compare to competitors? 2018-03-09T18:27:56+00:00

First of all we truly believe that there is no competitor offering a trading tool like Cryptoblizz when it comes to design and intuitivity. The most tools require technical knowledge or lots of documentation. We have made it our mission to bring advanced trading algorithms back to just a bunch of well explained settings that literally anyone can use.

With our highly configurable bots and our unique triggers mechanism, you can create many trading strategies, from very simple buy low, sell higher stategies to more advanced strategies that automatically adapt on market movements.

When it comes to functionality, there are a few competitors that also offer good trading tools. However, they are often way more expensive than Cryptoblizz. Cryptoblizz is a one-time payment for lifetime usage. Most competitors offer expensive monthly pricing models. We believe Cryptoblizz is therefore by far the most affordable automated trading tool for what you will get.