Does this software really work?

Does this software really work? 2018-03-09T18:25:30+00:00

Yes, this software does really work, as in it will execute trades based on configurable trading strategies. Also, all of the different features and trading algorithms function as described. With our trading platform you have all the tools in hand to start trading like a pro and potentially gain much more profit than you usually would, because you can trade at much higher interval, namely 24/7.

However, this doesn’t mean you will always generate profits, no matter what. We would never claim that this bot guarantees to make you rich. In the world of cryptocurrencies many things could happen. An exchange could get hacked, a security leak in a coin can be discovered and governments can have a huge impact on the prices. In such situations it is not always possible to be profitable, no bot or manual trading strategy can be profitable if the whole market collapses.

Our backtesting has proven that our bots work best on markets that either bounce up and down around a certain value, or markets that generally incline in value (like many coins did last year in 2017). In such cases you can beat buy and hold strategy with pretty impressive results.

On markets that are steady around a certain price point, you will still see the market bounce up and down all the time because of the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Altough such markets might not incline or decline much in value over time, you could still make nice profits by scalping these markets. That’s what our bot does, and there are tons of real life examples where this has proven to be very profitable.