Installation service instructions

Installation service instructions 2018-03-11T18:12:44+00:00

Thank you for ordering the Cryptoblizz installation service! We will do our best to complete the installation as soon as posssible. Before we can start the installation, we need a couple things from you.

Are you hosting at Cloudways?
The easiest way is to give us access to your Cloudways account and we will do everything for you. Please let us know on which server you want us to install Cryptoblizz, or if you want us to create a new server on your account.

Are you hosting at DigitalOcean?
Please create a droplet (size is up to you, but you can start with the cheapest droplet) and choose LAMP as your stack. Also, register a domainname if you don’t have one already at for example GoDaddy and point it to your DigitalOcean server. This can either be done by using Nameservers, or by pointing a DNS A-record to the server’s IP. If you need help on this, please contact your domain registar, or contact us.

Once you have setup the domainname to point to DigitalOcean, please give us the root access details to your DigitalOcean server. You have received those details after you created the Droplet at DigitalOcean.

Hosting somewhere else?
If you are hosting elsewhere, please give us the following details:

  • Access to the hosting’s control panel, for example: DirectAdmin, cPanel, Plek or H-Sphere.
  • You domainname / server IP details.

You can send all these details to Please mention your order ID of the Cryptoblizz purchase as well.