Cryptoblizz 2.1.8

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Release notes – Cryptoblizz 2.1.8

18 / Februari / 2018

As of today we will start with publishing the release notes as requested by many users.

New since 2.1.8:

  • NEW: Several validations added on creating a new trader such as no negative offsets, warning when zero offset and more.
  • NEW: Exchanges page now shows total balance accross all exchanges in selected currency and in BTC.
  • NEW: Improved trader detail page (more decimals, completed orders created date column).
  • NEW: Very small fractional numbers which would show scientific notation now shows all decimals for better readabilty.
  • Fix: Issue with conditional visible fields on triggers not being rendered correctly (sometimes irrelevant fields would show up).
  • Fix: Binance exchange order creation and trader balance calculation sometimes showed wrong information.
  • Fix: Completed order dates for Binance are now more accurate.
  • Fix: When manually updating status of completed orders, the buy and sells disappeared from the graph.

How to update your Cryptoblizz installation?

  1. Download the update package from your account section on our website.
  2. Don’t know which update package you need? Go to http://your_url_or_ip/systemutility.php?report=sys2 and check your ‘PHP version’.
  3. Extract the contents of the package .zip file and upload the files to your Cryptoblizz installation folder on your server (overwrite existing files).
  4. After updating you can go to your Cryptoblizz installation URL. It is possible that you are asked to upgrade your database.
  5. Follow the procedure.

That’s it! Your Cryptoblizz installation has been upgraded to the latest version.