Release notes – Cryptoblizz 2.2.1

22 / June / 2018

New: script triggers now available for developers
You can now configure a trigger to use a custom PHP script to validate if the trigger should execute or not. Ideal if you want to make integrations with external signallers for example. We have provided a very basic example script with this installation. In the future we will provide more scripts and create a script marketplace on our website where you can download ready-to-use scripts.

New: More options for trigger “in last” setting
Trigger “in last” selection extended with more options. It is now also possible to select 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days and 6 days.

Fix: Buy & sell colors fixed in the graphs
The graph colors were inversed. This has been fixed.

Fix: buys & sells graph now working on PHP 7.2
The graph would sometimes not load for PHP 7.2 installations.

Fix: overload of log messages about placed orders
The log would generate lots of messages when live trading. This has been improved.

Fix: trader balance fiat conversion
Fix currency conversion from USD to another currency was not working anymore due to updated external API.

How to update your Cryptoblizz installation?

  1. Download the update package from your account section on our website.
  2. Don’t know which update package you need? Go to http://your_url_or_ip/systemutility.php?report=sys2 and check your ‘PHP version’.
  3. Extract the contents of the package .zip file and upload the files to your Cryptoblizz installation folder on your server (overwrite existing files).
  4. After updating you can go to your Cryptoblizz installation URL. It is possible that you are asked to upgrade your database.
  5. Follow the procedure.

That’s it! Your Cryptoblizz installation has been upgraded to the latest version.