Cryptoblizz 2.2

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Release notes – Cryptoblizz 2.2

25 / May / 2018

Finally! After a long wait we have released Cryptoblizz 2.2. This major release is stuffed with new features, bug fixes and improvements. We thank our users for all the valuable feedback. We will keep developing and improving our trading tool and we will provide new updates on regular basis.

So, what’s new?

System & log page
The ‘System & log’ page has been revamped. It now shows a quick system status overview, provides access to several tools and shows a table of the generated log records.

Installation procedure
The installation procedure has been improved to run more hassle-free. For example we will automatically give you notice when you need to change the config.php file because of a subfolder installation. Also, if you move Cryptoblizz to another machine you will now automatically get a ‘license reset’ request. Making it possible to transfer your license to a new machine with just the press of a button.

Password protection
It is now possible to password protect Cryptoblizz from within Cryptoblizz. It utilizes Apache’s .htaccess authentication. You can enter a username and password and Cryptoblizz configures it all for you. Access this tool via: System & log > Tools > Password protect Cryptoblizz access.

MySql port
You can now configure a custom MySql port in case you are running MySql on a non-standard port or a port Cryptoblizz cannot recognize. You can do this by adding the following code to your config.php file: define(‘MYSQL_PORT’,’XXXX’); Replace XXXX with your actual port number.

Profit / loss calculation for a trader

  • The trader’s profit / loss is now calculated in the pairs base currency, quote currency and in the selected interface valuta. Previously it was only calculated in the interface valuta and the currency you started trading with.
  • When a trader is stopped, the profit / loss will now be calculated at the time the trader stopped and will not be updated afterwards. Previously the profit / loss would still update with actual rates even if the trader was already stopped. You can also view these profit / loss at the time the trader stopped in the log on the trader’s detail page.

Triggers, safeties (stop-loss, take-profit, more trigger possibilities)

  • Stop-loss or take-profit: you can now create stop-loss or take-profit triggers. For example, if the trader profit expressed in BTC has increased more than 15% you can choose to convert all the trader’s balance to BTC. The trader will stop and you will be left with only BTC. The currencies you can convert to depend on the exchange and the tradepair you use. To create such trigger, create a new trigger, select ‘Trader profit %’ for if and select ‘Stop trader and convert trader balance to…’ for do action. Once a trader is stopped you will see which orders have been created to perform the stop-loss or take-profit.
  • Trigger ‘if no trades have been made in last..’: a new if condition has been introduced. You can now have a trigger execute based on the condition of how long no order has been completed. Sometimes the price can shift and your trader’s order will never hit the actual price anymore. With this new trigger you can for example recreate your trader’s orders to a new pricepoint.
  • Pause time after trigger execution: you can now pause a trigger once it has been executed. For example, if you want to check every 5 minutes if certain conditions meet, you most of the times don’t want to have the trigger execute over and over again once your trigger meets market conditions. If you, for example, want to execute a trigger once the price has increased 5%, you can now configure the trader to stop checking for this for a couple hours or days once it has recognized the increase took place.
  • ‘In last’ now also has the option ‘Since start of trader’: You can now compare conditions since the start of the trader as well, instead of just in last 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 24 hour, etc. Ideal if you want to check if your profit has increased more than X% since the start of the trader for example.

Clone trader
You can now clone a trader. It will clone all the settings and triggers but reset all the data so you have a fresh trader, based on the settings of another trader. Ideal if you want to create template traders and use them over an over again for new traders.

Balance information shown when creating or editing a trader
When you create or edit a trader, we will now show actual balance information of the exchange you are trading on. For example if you choose Bittrex and pair ETH/BTC we will directly give you a notice of the amount of ETH and BTC you have in your Bittrex balance.

Re-run backtest
If you run a backtest over a larger period of time, it could take quite some time for the backtest to fetch all the historical currency data, which was done from an external API. Now you can re-run a backtest instantly. Meaning you can run a backtest, change the trader’s settings or triggers and re-run the same backtest with the same settings and data. Making it way faster to backtest multiple times on the same data and making it easier to improve your trader and triggers.

Tradepair sorting
Requested by almost every user: a sorting on tradepairs that make sense. We now sort tradepairs on the quote and base alpabetically. Meaning it will now result in a nicely sorted list like ETH/BTC, XVG/BTC, ETH/USDT, XVG/USDT.

Performance boost for exchanges page
If you had a lot of coins in your exchange balance, the exchange page would get really slow. This has now been fixed and the page will be loaded instantly.

Backtesting on really small value pairs such as DOGE/BTC or RDD/BTC
There was an issue with backtest on these pairs giving unexpected results. The reason for this is because exchanges round the values of the pair to 8 decimals. But the pair price only shifts around the 9th or 10th decimal.  So for example, DOGE/BTC could go up and down between the values 0.000000152 and 0.000000158 all day. However, we cannot submit such small orders to the exchange. Neither can you directly on the exchange. So you need to submit either 0.00000015 or 0.00000016 to the exchange. So it is very hard to trade on these coins as we cannot ‘scalp’ on the 9th decimal and exchanges would constantly give back either 0.00000015 or 0.00000016 while in reality the price was not even close to these values, because the real price difference happend on the 9th decimal. So, we improved the backtest to support this and at least be a little more accurate, but scalping these coins will always remain to be hard and backtesting will still be less reliable then higher value coins, because exchanges round the prices and do simply not allow to trade on the 9th or 10th decimal and that’s where the scalping should take place.

There’s more..!

  • We reversed the buy and sell colors in the graph. Buy is now green and sell is red.
  • You can now click the title of a trader to directly go to the trader’s detail page.
  • You can now logout using the icon on the left top. It will try to log you out from the HTTP authentication, but it is not supported in all browsers.
  • We fixed the scientific notation for numbers such as 1.5e-6 accross the application. Also, numbers now show more decimals. For example, 0.00000128 was previously shown as 0.000001 making it harder to read the graphs or make sens out of the order tables.
  • The initial orders shown when creating a new trader has been improved and now takes in account the required formats for the selected exchange. For example if the exchanges required to send 8 decimals with a stepsize of 0.0001, we will format the rates and amounts to those requirements. This makes the inital orderbook more accurate with the orders that are actually send to an exchange.
  • Cryptoblizz now only uses 2 cronjobs instead of 3 making it easier to install and configure Cryptoblizz. The cronjob instructions have been improved as well. You can now also access the instructions directly from the ‘System & log’ page.
  • Fix for Binance when having multiple traders trade on the same tradepair. This would previously sometimes result in orders not getting updated anymore.
  • Fix for Kraken when orders would be ‘cancelled’ in Kraken and Cryptoblizz did not recognize it. The orders would stay open and you couldn’t cancel them anymore because they were already cancelled in Kraken.
  • Trading stellar on Poloniex would fetch wrong price information and has now been fixed.
  • Fix for the ‘how much X can the trader initially use’ value was emptied when entering values above 1000.
  • Fixed a bug in the ‘reset reference point’ trigger when using the ‘midpoint’ algorithm. This would sometimes result in orders being sold and bought at the same pricepoint, resulting in losses because of fees.
  • Log table date column is now localized to the configured timezone.
  • Bugfix for the ‘increase’ trigger. This was not working on certain trader configurations.

How to update your Cryptoblizz installation?

  1. Download the update package from your account section on our website.
  2. Don’t know which update package you need? Go to http://your_url_or_ip/systemutility.php?report=sys2 and check your ‘PHP version’.
  3. Extract the contents of the package .zip file and upload the files to your Cryptoblizz installation folder on your server (overwrite existing files).
  4. After updating you can go to your Cryptoblizz installation URL. It is possible that you are asked to upgrade your database.
  5. Follow the procedure.

That’s it! Your Cryptoblizz installation has been upgraded to the latest version.