Cryptoblizz 2.3

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Release notes – Cryptoblizz 2.3

16 / September / 2018

Today we have released Cryptoblizz 2.3! With several great new features and improvements to triggers, backtesting, and more! Curious what’s shipping next for Cryptoblizz? Make sure to checkout our our roadmap!

What’s new with Cryptoblizz 2.3?

After this update you will not be able to use old traders because the trigger system has been completely rebuild. We highly recommend creating a new trader, or remove all triggers from your trader and recreate them.

New: combined triggers & conditions
We now support combined triggers & conditions. Conditions and triggers are now configured separately. You can create unlimited conditions using our default configuration options or you can write your own script conditions.

Conditions can be used within triggers and combined using IF and OR statements. This opens a whole new world of possibilities and can drastically improve your results if used correctly.

Example: you can now combine the condition ‘If price dropped more than 3% in last 4 hours’ and the condition ‘If price dropped less than 6% in last 12 hours’ and the condition ‘if profit changed 2% or more since start’ all into a single trigger and combine does conditions to determine whether your trigger should execute or not.

New: trigger setting ‘since last’ extended with new options
The trigger setting ‘since last’ has been extended with new options, being: ‘Since last completed order’, ‘Since last completed buy’, ‘Since last completed sell’. This was requested a lot by our users and allow creating more dynamic trigger schemes.

New: backtesting progress bars
You can now visually see how fast your backtest is going and how much already is processed since we added fancy progress bars showing the backtesting progress!

New: backtest historical results log
No more writing down the backtest results! Cryptoblizz will now save the results of each and every backtest and you can add comments to each result. This makes it easier to iterate over different variations of strategies and compare the results of each individual strategy.

Fix: Binance order amounts and API issues
There have been issues in the past with Binance traders for a small portion of our userbase. Either order amount errors would show up, or orders statuses would not be updated and no counter orders would be created. We have rebuild quite a few things to guarantee more reliable trading on Binance!

Fix: exchange page totalling issues
Sometimes the exchange page would not show the BTC or USD total value of all your exchange balances. This was due to some coins that could not be calculated to BTC and users would have those coins in their balance because of ICO airdrops. These coins will now be skipped in the totaling.

How to update your Cryptoblizz installation?

  1. Download the update package from your account section on our website.
  2. Don’t know which update package you need? Go to http://your_url_or_ip/systemutility.php?report=sys2 and check your ‘PHP version’.
  3. Extract the contents of the package .zip file and upload the files to your Cryptoblizz installation folder on your server (overwrite existing files).
  4. After updating you can go to your Cryptoblizz installation URL. It is possible that you are asked to upgrade your database.
  5. Follow the procedure.

That’s it! Your Cryptoblizz installation has been upgraded to the latest version.