Release notes – Cryptoblizz

15 / October / 2019

Today we have released Cryptoblizz We were a little behind on our release notes but with the release notes of today we inform you about updates in the past couple versions of Cryptoblizz.

What’s new in Cryptoblizz

Several fixes and improvements, such as

  • Bittrex API integration updated for fetching of tradepairs to V3 of Bittrex API. We now also fetch the ‘rate precision’. After updating your tradepairs we will automatically apply the required rate precision, which you needed to enter manually for Bittrex before.
  • Kraken Balance calculation fix.
  • Support for ONG/BTC tradepair and HOT/BTC.
  • Fix for PHP 7.2 sometimes freezing traders overview page and refresh was needed.
  • And more minor fixes and improvements!

New: API improvements

We added several functions and methods to our API to be used in custom trigger scripts or algorithm scripts.

New: fixed price conditions

It is now possible to create fixed price conditions in trigger conditions. For example ‘Sell all BTC to USD when price per BTC is below $4500’.

New: negative buy offsets

We now support negative buy offsets in traders. Previously this was not allowed because this is an easy way to create traders that make losses. But for more advanced users this feature might be needed anyway for special reasons. Not recommended in general so use with caution.

Updating your Cryptoblizz installation

When you are self-hosting Cryptoblizz, you can update the installation by downloading the latest version from your account on our website. Make sure to download the update package corresponding your PHP version. Upload the files of the package to your server and refresh your Cryptoblizz interface afterwards. That’s it!

If you are running Cryptoblizz in our secure cloud, we will automatically do minor updates to installations. For major updates you will be notified in advance or you can request an update by creating a support ticket.