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Release notes – Cryptoblizz 2.4

05 / Januari / 2019

Today we have released Cryptoblizz 2.4! A huge release with a ton of new features and improvements such as export and import of traders, trigger only bots, multiple actions per trigger and much more! Check out all the details below.

What’s new with Cryptoblizz 2.4?

New: trigger only bots + buy & sell triggers
Long awaited and often requested was the ‘trigger only bot’ feature. Allowing buy and sell actions to be initialized from triggers, instead of a trading algorithm. By default Cryptoblizz has a couple robust and proven to work algorithms which creates orders and sends them to the exchange. You can optimize and automate those algorithms using our unique triggers and safeties mechanism.

However, some users want to use custom scripts to initiate a buy or sell order. Or they want triggers to decide when a buy order or sell order should be placed. When creating a trader you now have the option to select ‘Use triggers for trading’ in the ‘Algorithm’ select field. When selected, a buy or sell order will only be created when a trigger tells Cryptoblizz to do so. You can use all kind of triggers and conditions to setup your custom buy & sell strategy. You can even write your own scripts to initiate a buy or sell action based on the output of a custom script!

New: import & export of traders
Yay! You can now import & export your traders.

New: restore a trader from historical backtests
You can now create a trader from any historical backtest. Ideal to change and optimize your trader and run a ton of backtests. At the end, pick the most profitable backtest and create a trader based on those settings. You can do this from the backtestlog at the bottom of the backtest page.

New: offset reference point is now midpoint
We have renamed ‘offset reference point’ to ‘midpoint’ accross the whole application. Midpoint is easier to understand and easier to use in communication.

New: improved usability on mobile devices
Cryptoblizz is now reponsive! With a collapsible mobile menu and better rendering on mobile devices you can now check and manage your trader from anywhere.

New: greatly improved usability in general
We have made some significant changes to the user experience. The flow of creating a trader, deleting a trader, changing a trader’s status, etc. has been improved. Actions have been moved to a single actions page on the trader’s detail page. It’s easier to switch between trading modes (live or simulation) and it’s easier to remove or reset traders.

New: disable a trigger instead of delete
You can now disable a trigger and enable it again later.

New: pause a trader and restart (also automatically from triggers)
You can now pause a trader and restart it later on. You can also automatically pause a trader using triggers and conditions. For example, pause a trader when the price suddenly crashes and restart the trader when the price is in allowed range again. To restart a trader automatically you can create a trigger with custom conditions and select ‘Restart the paused trader’ as your trigger action. Also, make sure to set ‘Restart trigger?’ to ‘Yes’.

New: have triggers execute only once
We have added the ‘Execute only once?’ setting to triggers. When set to ‘Yes’ the trigger will be disabled after execution.

New: more trigger actions and conditions
The options for trigger actions and conditions have been extended. New options for example are ‘Since last midpoint update’ or ‘Since last completed buy’.

Improved: various improvements
Across the whole platform various improvements have been made. For example helptexts have been updated, and several small UI enhancements have been made.

Update: we have also released Cryptoblizz 2.4.3 now, please see the details below

New: backtesting now supported for all pairs and exchanges
Previously our backtesting data was not exchange specific. We pulled data from the Bittrex exchange and if you backtested a Binance pair then it would use the data of Bittrex. Also, some pairs such as BNB pairs on Binance could not be backtested previously. This has been fixed and any pair can be backtested as of October/24/2018.

New: introduced ‘high’ and ‘low’ indicators for more algorithmic trading options
The trader now tracks a high and low price since the start of the trader (being the highest price for the pair and the lowest price for the pair). You can setup triggers to reset the high and low price after for example buy and sell actions. You can also initiate buy and sell actions based on the high and low indicators when using a trigger only bot. In trigger conditions you can setup conditions that use the high and low price. This also adds an option to setup trailing orders (for example, buy when an uptrend reverses or sell when a downtrend reverses). If you need assistance on this, contact our helpdesk!

New: backtesting interval option affecting both speed and accuracy of the backtest
Cryptoblizz uses high interval data. Sometimes you are not interested in the most reliable backtest but you want to quickly see what your trader will do in the long run. You can now change the run interval on a backtest. A longer interval (more minutes) will result in less accurate backtests, but will also result in more speedy backtests.

Fix: log flooded when using trigger only traders in backtesting
When running backtests for trigger only traders the log was flooded with info messages. This has been fixed.

Fix: import and export in different locations
When exporting a trader from server A and importing the same trader on server B, the import would not succeed. This has now been fixed.

Curious what’s shipping next for Cryptoblizz? Make sure to checkout our our roadmap!

How to update your Cryptoblizz installation?

  1. Download the update package from your account section on our website.
  2. Don’t know which update package you need? Go to http://your_url_or_ip/systemutility.php?report=sys2 and check your ‘PHP version’.
  3. Extract the contents of the package .zip file and upload the files to your Cryptoblizz installation folder on your server (overwrite existing files).
  4. After updating you can go to your Cryptoblizz installation URL. It is possible that you are asked to upgrade your database.
  5. Follow the procedure.

That’s it! Your Cryptoblizz installation has been upgraded to the latest version.