Release notes – Cryptoblizz 2.5

05 / March / 2020

What’s new in Cryptoblizz 2.5?


  • Bittrex rate precision issues (we now fetch the Bittrex required precision for new orders)
  • Rate-limit issues with FIAT calculations to any fiat other than USD
  • Issue with traders sometimes showing ‘unknown’ balance
  • Issue with XTZ tradepairs on Kraken not begin able to be backtested
  • Issue with license error showing up sometimes even when the license was already added

New: trigger ‘cancel failed orders’
A new trigger action has been introduced to cancel failed orders. Sometimes when an exchange is down or for whatever reason an order failed to send, the trader would get stuck on this ‘failed order’. With this trigger you can pro-actively clean failed orders every now and then to keep the trader going.

New: performance improvement on dashboard
The dashboard could get pretty slow when having 10+ traders. This has now been improved.

Updating your Cryptoblizz installation

When you are self-hosting Cryptoblizz, you can update the installation by downloading the latest version from your account on our website. Make sure to download the update package corresponding your PHP version. Upload the files of the package to your server and refresh your Cryptoblizz interface afterwards. That’s it!

If you are running Cryptoblizz in our secure cloud, we will automatically do minor updates to installations. For major updates you will be notified in advance or you can request an update by creating a support ticket.